SKF-Goa River Marathon 2022. Event date: 11th Dec

GRM 2022 Results

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Winners List

Marathon - Men's

NameBib NoCategoryChip Time
Adinew Mekonnen67918 TO 4502:41:18
Vinayak Jambotkar62418 TO 4502:54:10
Nilesh Kulaye61418 TO 4502:55:16
Lourenco Fernandes57245+ TO 5503:24:13
Ismail P A60945+ TO 5503:34:18
Justin T X65245+ TO 5503:43:21
Dixon Scaria60655+ TO 6503:59:09
Venu N K61055+ TO 6504:41:02
Ravindra Verma55055+ TO 6504:42:22

Marathon - Women's

NameBib NoCategoryChip Time
Satovisha Samajdar50840+ TO 5004:09:42
Netra Pelapkar54740+ TO 5004:15:08
Jasmitha Kodenkiri65640+ TO 5004:42:22
Praveena Tk54440+ TO 5005:01:05
Yamini Joshi61940+ TO 5006:25:39
Chythra Pothraj63640+ TO 5006:39:19
Jyothi P Balan54350+ TO 6005:27:38

Half - Marathon - Men's

NameBib NoCategoryChip Time
Siddesh Barje391318 TO 4501:13:38
Nihal Baig382918 TO 4501:13:50
Teddy Davecelia Cardozo391918 TO 4501:17:35
Bhagwan Dass385745+ TO 5501:37:18
Taichi Zakimi304345+ TO 5501:37:23
Damodar Verlekar389045+ TO 5501:39:03
Satish Krishnan342955+ TO 6501:52:31
Sivashankar Ambady332955+ TO 6501:52:36
Sreekumar R S311655+ TO 6501:54:59

Half Marathon - Women's

NameBib NoCategoryChip Time
Sapna Patel392118 TO 4001:31:21
Simta Sharma357118 TO 4001:40:17
Shilpa Kemble380418 TO 4001:41:13
Aarti Zanwar311240+ TO 5001:48:07
Rajalakshmi Swaminathan311440+ TO 5002:02:14
Neera Purohit374540+ TO 5002:04:43
Pritiva Silva Lobo361150+ TO 6001:58:48
Fatima Desa384050+ TO 6002:00:13
Preeti Prabhudesai385150+ TO 6002:06:34

10Km - Men's

NameBib NoCategoryChip Time
Pradhn Kirulkar174418 TO 4500:34:10
Harichandra Velip149318 TO 4500:38:40
Bulbul Ali163618 TO 4500:39:14
S Chandrashekhar184745+ TO 5500:50:39
Dinesh Heda182145+ TO 5500:50:55
Ramchandra Gade115145+ TO 5500:52:50
Michael Viegas131255+ TO 6500:54:02
Dinkar Shelke151655+ TO 6500:54:33
Bhasker Desai103155+ TO 6500:54:49

10Km - Women's

NameBib NoCategoryChip Time
Farheen Firdose146218 TO 4000:42:16
Shivani Chaurasia209518 TO 4000:42:33
Nikita Marle174918 TO 4000:44:46
Neera Katwal182740+ TO 5000:45:46
Shilpa Thergaonkar182940+ TO 5000:48:31
Clarissa Costa201740+ TO 5000:52:27
Anuradha Maligachari183050+ TO 6000:52:42
Bala Rokade109450+ TO 6000:57:06
Belinda Viegas-mueller133850+ TO 6001:06:36

Ahead of the main event, the SKF Goa River Marathon will also organize pre-event runs in various parts of Goa accompanied by special ‘How-to’ workshops to help both the novice and the expert runners gear up for the marathon. Follow our website and Facebook page to stay updated!

World-class arrangements have been made ranging from traffic management to medical-aid and hydration. Whether you choose to run or walk, the marathon or the 5 KM or anything in between, you'll find no reason to complain. And as usual, of course, there will be entertainment.


Eligibility for the timing certificate

For marathon:

Cross finish line in 6 hrs, 30 minutes

Half marathon:

Cross finish line in 3 hrs, 15 minutes

For 10KM Run:

Cross finish line in 1 hrs, 45 minutes

Timing mats will be removed at 11:00 a.m.

After 10:30 a.m. there will be partial traffic in many places and thereafter traffic will be allowed. Any participant running with the event bib after 11:00 a.m. will be lifted off the course and give a ride back. This is being done for the safety of the participants and under orders of the local law authorities.


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(832) 251 1333


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