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The SKF-GRM Marathon Venue

The venue for the mighty SKF Goa River Marathon shall be Chicalim Panchayat grounds, alto Chicalim, Vasco da Gama. The Chicalim Panchayat hall is located at 3.1 kilometers to the north of Goa's airport.

The venue is inclusive of a participant's area, baggage counter, first-aid, physiotherapy unit, toilet facilities, a stage for live after-event music, drinking water facilities, ambulances on standby and never the least, the race officials. Visit this url for the Google Map to the Venue

The Venue:

The SKF Goa River Marathon route is precisely 21.097 Km long. Those participating in the marathon (42.195 Km) will be running this route twice. The route has around 8 to 10 hydration stations with first-aid and medical staff. There are also 4 to 6 ambulances stationed at various intervals including the two ends of the route. Additionally, race officials will be patrolling the entire route and should you need any kind of assistance, simply flag one of our vehicles.

Photographers too will be stationed throughout the route. The route will be barred to traffic till 11 AM. Do not worry if you’re a straggler, we’ve got your back. Stragglers still on the route after 11 AM will be lifted off and given a free ride to the venue. The timing mats will be removed at 11:00 AM.

The Route:

Marathon   |   Half Marathon   |   10 Km Run   |   5 Km
Route Map


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