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Couch to 10K - Just imagine the reactions to what you could accomplish. We want you to join because we believe everyone has the right to try.


SKF Goa River Marathon (SKF-Grm) has handcrafted a programme to train you from zero fitness to 10 Kilometre running. You can do it even if you have little or no running history. You will still reach the 10K finish line if you follow the program week by week. This programme will also help you enter 10K runs at popular running events like the SKF Goa River Marathon.

The training will be conducted by experts who are doing or have done competitive marathons. No pressure! They will take it slow and easy with attention to each runner.

Age and gender is no bar. You should be able to run, from a medical and physical point of view – that’s all that matters!

YOU CAN DO IT! Take control of your fitness - be a new YOU! Register now!


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