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Partnering with SKF Goa River Marathon

Goa River Marathon is not just a few thousand high-performing athletes but is actually a community of tens of thousands! Each participating athlete is connected with a family and friends. All of whom visit this website or view photos of the event. Moreover, half the participants also bring their family for a post-event holiday in Goa. Every participant who views your business logo retains the memory of it. It is also a chance to associate your business with one of India's premier sporting event.

Businesses big and small associate themselves with sports and compete with each other to have the name associated with the title of the event. You too can have your business name associated with SKF Goa River Marathon or drive sales by ensuring your logo is prominently placed.

Act now, call Abhijeet Salker on +91 982 248 6284 or, Rakesh Unny on +91 982 307 8064. If you would like to email us a proposal, please do so at runnersingoa@gmail.com


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