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November 17th 2019


Goa River Marathon Media Center

From a humble begning in 2010 with a few hundred runners to the several thousand runners today. Goa River Marathon has come a long way and we have our participants, supporters and sponsors to thank for that. This page is a walk down the memory lane cataloguing the highlights as they occurred.
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  • 2012: Goa River Marathon - Report
    • Though, soccer is a passion in Goa, come December, it was the Goa River Marathon that hogged the limelight. Newspapers, local magazine and even the radio was full about Goa River Marathon. There were health programes and articles, sports gurus urged the youth and adults alike to take up running for sport and health. They explained how a half-marathon and full marathon are run, the kind of training required, nutrition, fitness and so forth. In fact, it was dubbed health festival by the Goa River Marathon sponsor Narayan Bandekar and a second carnival by Vasco legislator Carlos Almeida, the Goa River Marathon held on December 9, had athletes from the state, India and foreign countries too.

      The hosts Vasco Sport Club managed to nearly double the participation figures and “for the first time, three Kenyan woman athletes participated”, said confident Rakesh Unny, the convener of Goa River Marathon. The Fun Walk Run too saw the number of participants swell to the extet that the entire road leading from Baina beach to the port city of Vasco da Gama was full with people of all ages walking briskly in the spirit of the event.

      The biggest achievement of Goa River Marathon was that it is now rated as the fifth best marathon in India. “5th? We are going to the best in the years ahead – just wait and watch” thundered Abhijeet Salkar one of the organizers. Running enthusiasts from countries like Ghana, Kenya, France, China, Britain, Argentina, Canada, Australia, US, Singapore, Germany and Kazakhstan participated in the Goa River Marathon 2012.

      The scenic route of the Goa River Marathon which began at Baina beach and meandered through the city of Vasco Da Gama before continuing along the Zuari river – a route much appreciated by the participants but just for the scenery but also the tree lined canopy.

      Elaborating on the smooth functioning of the race Unny said that “300 volunteers from colleges, clubs, members of Village Panchayat of Chicalim and Mormugao Municipal Council were there to assist the runners and the organizers.

      Timing Technologies India (TTI), the Indian company used for marathons across the globe provided the timing chips.

      The cash prizes were bigger and there were more categories than previous years. All in all, this was yet another successful marathon.
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  • 2012: Workshop: Art and Science of Marathon Training
    • Vasco Sports Club, organizers of Goa River Marathon in association with NRB Group, Vasco, Zuari Industries Ltd, Sports Authorities of Goa and Puma, organized a "Art and Science of Marathon Training" - a scientific workshop designed to successfully train your clients for participating in marathons.

      The half-day training workshop was held at Kala Academy Goa on Oct-12-2012. The workshop itself was conducted by 'Excercise Science Academy, (the only official center for American College of Sports Medicine). The sports experts who conducted the worksop were 1. Daniel Vaz - a certified group fitness instructor and one of the top running coaches in Mumbai. He is the coach for Nike Run Club and the Colgate-Palmolive Runners Club.

      The other sports expert was P. Venkatraman, a seasoned runner who has been training teams for the last several years. Together with Asian Heart Institute, he has launched India's first and World's largest Sweat Rate study. His latest initiative YouTooCanRun is aimed at promoting running as a means to good health.

      The workshop was held for fitness professionals who would be training clients to participate in the half and full marathons and; regular runners who wish to train better and improve their performance.

      At the end of the Goa River Marathon 2012 workshop, participants were able to:

      1. Evaluate a runner and decide on their fitness to participate in distance running

      2. Understand the physiological and muscular changes required for distance running

      3. Device a personalized plan for your client depending on their health and fitness status

      4. Monitor and motivate the client to achieve the goal.

      5.Tailor a nutrition regimen appropriate for the client

      6. Advice the client on appropriate hydration technique during the race

      7. Advice on appropriate clothing and footwear

      8. Advice on training tools such as Heart Rate Monitors.

  • 2012: Special Training Drill
    • A special training drill for all marathon participants at the Goa River Marathon was conducted by DANIEL VAZ at the SAG ground, Airport Road, GOA on 10TH NOV AT 5 PM.

      The training was organized by Vasco Sports Club, organizers of Goa River Marathon.

      All beginners, intermediate and veteran runner were invited to avail this opportunity. The training session focused on a two very important components of Endurance and Strength namely; Plyometric Training and a workout called Tabata Intervals.

      Plyometric Training focuses on development of power. While we are able to exert force and display strength, running requires power and not just strength. Physics describes power as Force times velocity. It is precisely this aspect that we will use to show how power can be developed in the Achilles Tendon; a prime mover for propelling a runner forward and adding speed.

      Tabata Intervals are a form of high intensity interval training meant to train the body' anaerobic as well as aerobic system. These are a series of strength and aerobic exercises that are done in a defined time interval with little to no rest.

      Marathon participants in large numbers availed this golden opportunity to improve their performance.

      ~A Goa River Marathon Initiative