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Skechers Performance Goa River Marathon

Vasco Sports Club

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  • 2010: Goa River Marathon - Report
    • Vasco Sports Club organized a Goa River Marathon held on 19th Dec. 2010. Participants from as far as Kenya and U.K. and within India from Chennai to Delhi participated in this highly successful 21 Km Half-marathon event.

      The locals turned out in droves to not only support the marathon runners but also participate in the 5 km fun walk-run that started from Baina beach and reached the half way mark at St. Andrews Church located near the entrance to Vasco Da Gama. Even the armchair fan were delighted with the mini 5 Km fun walk-run.

      It was a proud moment for the locals who watched in awe as the Africans ran past them as graceful and it seemed, as fast as the Gazelle. Seeing the effect the runners had on the locals, the organizers i.e. Vasco Sports Club hoped that in the months ahead there would be many locals wanting to take up running.

      Baina beach was the starting point of the race and it meandered through the small sleepy city of Vasco da Gama. The marathon runners continued past the city and after running up a small hill, were treated to the most beautiful part of their run - a tree covered road right besides a beautiful, unpolluted, blue-green river. It made running for the sport and competition so much more pleasurable.

      Unlikely as it would be for any runner to miss the beautiful scenery, they certainly did not miss the live bands and enthusiastic locals along the road. Yes, you read that right - there were several live bands belting out songs and music along the marathon route. No wonder then the participants swore they would return the next year. Some of the participants claimed they found the entire route and music so enchanting they almost forgot they were running.

      "Runners for life", a Bangalore based experienced recreation company has been appointed as technical consultants for this event.

      There were cash awards not just for the marathoners but also for best theme group, best costume, oldest participant in the 5 km walk and so on.

      The success of the Goa River Marathon; first ever Marathon event in Goa, forced everyone including happily the politicians, to sit up and take notice. Voices of support were heard and promises made. Sure there were kinks but Vasco Sports Club knew what they were and how to iron them out. The next year’s Goa River Marathon they knew, would have to be bigger and better.
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Vasco Sports Club.
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Opp. Tilak Maidan, Vasco da Gama, 403 802 GOA
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