Save the Date

November 17th 2019


Your Personal Checklist

It happens to best of us - we think we've got it all covered only to reach the venue and find it we missed out something vital. So, here's your checklist; go over it slowly and ideally, take a print-out tick mark each item. This will ensure you've not missed out anything.
Before the race
  • Travel tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Travel documents (Foreigners)
  • Race ticket / receipt, identity cards.
  • Safety pins
  • Running attire: Everything from shoes to cap to Vaseline & Sunscreen.
  • Post-run attire.
  • Accessory belt
  • A pack of Band-aid, anti-diarrhea and general OTC meds.
  • Do you need to download any App?
  • Pack your favorite electronic device.
  • Carry a small shoulder bag for post-run clothes.
  • EXPO location & timing
  • Consider a health check
  • Set money aside for the trip / credit cards.
The event week
  • Check ticket timings
  • Ensure everything is in the bag
  • Label everything
  • Download the race booklet.
On Arrival
  • Visit EXPO venue and pick up your bib & timing chip
  • Check your bib for accuracy.
  • Proceeed to hotel
  • Attach your bib to the race Tee you intend to wear
  • Lay out everything you will need for the race especially the Vaseline, Sunscreen and band-aid.
  • Pack your post-run clothes in the small shoulder bag (avoid anything of value).
  • Fill the water bottle(s)
  • Don't rely on event photographers - request co-runners to take a few snaps.
  • Enjoy!