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SKF-GRM 5K Fun / Walk OR Run

The 5 Km fun walk-run starts at 08:30 AM. Be a part of thousands participating in this annual premier event - the SKF Goa River Marathon 5-KM FUN WALK OR RUN; and have loads of fun while you participate. The route is easy to walk and very pleasant. Additionally, the route will be closed to vehicular traffic so you can walk or run free without any worries.


SKF Goa River Marathon (SKF-Grm) will ensure that the participants are adequately hydrated by setting up hydration points at regular intervals (every 1 ~ 1.5 Km). Every alternate hydration station also has medical aid staff. Additionally, there will be five emergency response ambulances patrolling the route. The route will be closed to vehicular traffic for at least 6 hours.

SKF-GRM race officials will be constantly patrolling the route to ensure that help is always in your reach. Photographers will be clicking at strategic points for maximum coverage and for higher chances of participants getting clicked.


Please see below for specific event related information:

The registration fees for the marathon is Indian Rupees 350/- (plus GST). It covers your right to participate in the marathon and make use of all event related facilities including emergency physiotherapy at race venue . Last date will be announced in due course.



Participants aged 12 and older (as on date of event). In the case of 5Km fun walk or run, participants less than 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

No. However, at time of registration, you have to upload your final vax certificate or show digital version of it at time of collecting the bib.

This event will start at 08:30 and you need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start. You will be eligible for a timing certificate provided you cross the finish line within six hours and thirty minutes. Timing mats will be removed at 11:00 AM

Note: After 10:30 A.M. there will be partial traffic in many places and thereafter full traffic will be open. Any participant running with the event bib after 11:00 A.M. will be lifted off the course on our vehicles. This is being done for the safety of the participants and under orders of the local law authorities.

Race kit should be collected from the expo venue which is, the Village Panchayat of Chicalim, Goa. Google Map to the Venue
Date for collection of kit: 09th Dec between 11 am to 0700 pm
10th Dec between 0930 am to 0700 pm.
In case you cannot make it at the above times please authorize your friend to collect same on your behalf with:
1. Authorization letter signed by you
2. Copy of your registration confirmation email
3. Copy of ID proof

You may collect another participant's race kit provided you have that participant's receipt, authorization letter to collect on his/her behalf and copy of participant's ID proof.

Refund will be given if we i.e. race organizers cancel the event. The refund will be as follows:
75% refund up to 9 weeks out from race date.
50% refund 6 weeks prior to race date.
No refunds to be given within 6 weeks of the race unless the organizers cancel the race in which case a refund of 90% will be given to all registered participants.


The option to switch their deferral to next year.

Yes, provided you intimate us well in advance by email at runnersingoa@gmail.com

Yes, provided you intimate us well in advance by email at runnersingoa@gmail.com

Yes. Watch out for announcements related to this on this website, on our Facebook page and also, by email.

Yes, but don't include any valuables. Organizer's will not accept any theft claims.

Nope! This is a community fun walk or run event. It is totally non-competitive.

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