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Goa River Marathon is a 42-Kilomenter, 21-Kilomenter and 10-Kilomenter run in paradise with a route that runs along the pristine blue waters of the Zuari River. Held each year in second week of December, this year's event to be held on 11th December and will be our seventh in a row!

The beautiful river view, tree-shaded route, super smooth roads and professional organization make this one of the top marathons in India and has been duly acknowledeged as such in various magazines including National Geographic which says "Goa River Marathon is one of the 10 Great Marathons in the world".

The full marathon starts at 05:30 a.m. and subsequent categories are spaced at intervals of approximately half hour. You can run for sport or you can run for fun in fact, we insist you have fun while you run.

Arrangements ranging from halting the traffic to medical aid to hydration are all top-class. Whether you choose to run or walk; whether you choose the full marathon or 4-KM walk or anything in between, you won't find reason to complain. And of course, as usual we have loads of entertainment.

Between your registration and the actual event held in December each year, we have lots of trial runs, workshops and training sessions. We religiously post information about these events on our website (see Events) as well as on our official Facebook page. Don't forget to register.

Participant, 2016Full Marathon
Distance:42.195 KMCertification
Participants:Male & Female 
Minimum Age:18 as on 11th Dec., 2016 
Registration Fee is Rs 1,400

Half MarathonTimed 10KM Run4KM Fun Run

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